There is one defibrillator in the Parish, this is installed on the outside of Harthill surgery and activated with Yorkshire Ambulance Service. The machine is available by calling 999 - give the location (Surgery, Woodall Lane, Harthill) and you’ll be given the access code. Any person calling from within a 600metre radius of the defibrillator, should be automatically told by 999 that there is a device in the village, and be given the code.

Defibrillator at the Village Hall

A defibrillator is required if someone has a cardiac arrest. This means they are unresponsive and not breathing. A shock from a defibrillator can help to restart a patient's heart. These defibrillators are automated and give audible instructions.  You do not need to have training to use one.

If you find someone who is unresponsive and not breathing…

You should call 999 and ask for an ambulance

  • If you are within 600 metres of a CPAD you will be alerted to it and asked “is there someone with you who can go and get it?” You will also be given the code
  • Someone must stay with the patient to perform CPR, so to access the defibrillator you would need someone else with you. If you are on your own you will be advised to start CPR
  • A British Heart Foundation video, demonstrating use of CPR can be viewed online

For something more in depth then this Lifesaver “game” from the Resus Council is recommended:

Visit the Resuscitation Council website