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Latest news - 25 April 2019

Next meetings

Annual Parish Meeting

Tuesday 7 May 2019 - 7.30pm

Parish Council

Extraordinary meeting - Tuesday 7 May 2019 - 8pm

Annual meeting - Tuesday 14 May 2019 - 7pm

Allotments and Gardens (incorporating Yorkshire in Bloom) Committee

Tuesday 7 May 2019 - 6.30pm

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Older news


HS2 Ltd will be holding a series of community information events in June and July 2018 to demonstrate how the plans and designs for Britain’s new high speed railway between the West Midlands and Leeds and Crewe and Manchester are developing.

The Government confirmed its preferred route for Phase 2b of the High Speed Two (HS2) railway on 17 July 2017.

These events allow people to go and talk about the evolving designs in a community setting, which is really important as local knowledge has a crucial role to play in informing the final design and construction proposals for the new railway.

Find out more

Harthill Village Quiz

The annual Village Quiz was held at the Village Hall on Friday 16th March, hosted by Harthill Carnival Society. It was a packed house as 37 teams of 3 competed for the coveted trophy. Congratulation to EICAPS, who were victorious after 10 hard fought rounds with a rather impressive score of 105/110 and to the Harthill Morris who came a very close second on 104

During the interval, The Harthill Morris made a presentation of money collected while performing The Derby Tup Mummers Play, to Weston Park Cancer Care centre.

All in all, it was a very enjoyable night. Many thanks to Pat Barsby for organising the quiz, Barrie Lancaster for being an excellent quizmaster, Neill Radford for keeping the scoreboard up to date, Lesley Ellam for the refreshments and Les Wheatley for compiling the quiz questions.

If you missed it and would like to see how you would have done, the quiz questions are here and answers here

Harthill Sports Mania

'Harthill Sports Mania' is available in the Easter holidays 3rd to 6th April, 10.00am until 3.00pm offering a wide range of sporting activities for 4 to 14 year olds. The cost is £5 per day or £18 for four days.

Find out more

Email SJD Sports Coaching

INEOS – Request to carry out exploratory drilling for the presence of Shale Gas

The planning application from INEOS Shale Ltd to undertake vertical drilling at Common Road, Harthill has now been published.

RB2017/0805- Construction of a well site and creation of a new access track, mobilisation of drilling, ancillary equipment and contractor welfare facilities to drill and pressure transient test a vertical hydrocarbon exploratory core well and mobilisation of workover rig, listening well operations, and retention of the site and wellhead assembly gear for a temporary period of 5 years on land adjacent to Common Road, Harthill, Rotherham at Land adjacent Common Road Harthill

Click here to see the application details

This matter is now being dealt with by the Planning Inspectorate.

Visit the Planning Inspectorate website

The Planning Committee at Rotherham Town Hall made the unanimous decision to not support the appeal by INEOS and will make their own representation at the Planning Inspectorate‘s public inquiry based on two issues: the inadequacy of the highways (Packman Lane and Common Road) to accommodate the works traffic, and INEOS’ poor strategies for the ecology. You are able to send in your objections to this appeal. Anything you sent to RMBC before will be forwarded to the planning inspectorate. You should send in any new objections to:

Helen Skinner, Case Officer,
The Planning Inspectorate,
3/26 Hawk Wing,
Temple Quay House,
2, The Square,
Bristol, BS1 6PN

Appeal Ref: APP/P4415/W/17/3190843.

Current planning applications


1 No. dwelling house & double garage with associated access. land to rear of 16 Union Street Harthill

See details of this application


Erection of single storey rear extension and front porch 9 De Sutton Place Harthill

See details of this application


Application to vary condition 02 (approved plans - to include addition of new balcony to PH, new chimney to PH and increase in site levels and fence/retaining wall for plot 2) imposed by RB2016/0914 The Beehive PH 16 Union Street Harthill

See details of this application

For information

RB2017/1771 - Application for Lawful Development Certificate for existing use re: Use of land as scaffolding storage and repair (Use Class Sui Generis) at land to rear Hillcrest Rise Harthill - Granted Conditionally

RB2017/1793 - Demolition of existing garage and conservatory, erection of single storey side and rear extensions with rooms in roof space and increase in roof height with dormer windows to front & rear. at Endfield Firvale Harthill - Granted Conditionally

RB2017/1767 - Application for Single storey rear extension at 12 Doctor Lane, Harthill Rise Harthill - Granted Conditionally

Visit the RMBC planning pages

Notice of conclusion of audit

The Parish Council's annual audit information for 2016/17 is now available to download.

Download audit documents


This is a link to the latest correspondence between INEOS Ltd and RMBC.

Download the correspondence

There does not appear to be any public consultation on this request until the matter reaches the planning stage

Crime Reports

Due to Resourcing issues we are currently not receiving Crime Reports

Get burglary prevention advice on the South Yorkshire Police website

Report crime online

Clay Pigeon Shooting

We have had further discussions with both Bolsover District Council and Rotherham MBC about the ongoing clay pigeon shooting at Pebley Grove Farm. All noise complaints have been transferred from Bolsover DC to RMBC and RMBC will be handling ongoing complaints and issuing noise nuisance diary sheets.

Email RMBC Community Protection

Visit RMBC website

Call RMBC Community Protection on 01709 823118

Bolsover DC will continue to monitor planning aspects and carry out enforcement if necessary. Their current activity is to determine how many shoots have already taken place.

The organisers of the shoot are allowed 28 shoots under Permitted Development and although it seems obvious that this number has already been exceeded there is a distinction between a public shoot, which counts towards the 28, and a private shoot, which doesn’t. This is currently being investigated.

Once 28 eligible shoots has been reached, Bolsover Council has undertaken to enforce planning rules and the organisers will need to seek planning permission to continue. Noise nuisance will be a factor in determining the result of the planning application so if you are affected please make your complaint and keep a diary sheet.

The Parish Council has also written to the landowner’s agent to ensure they are aware of the situation and the level of complaint being caused.

A Harthill resident has started a petition to either stop or properly regulate the shoot.

Sign the petition

Further updates will follow as things develop.

Harthill Reservoir

The Parish Council is working with the Canal & River Trust to provide information signage at Harthill reservoir. This will be featured on an information board at the entrance to the reservoir from Carver Way and will contain maps of 4 recently created footpath walks as well as information on local flora and fauna and about the reservoir itself. We are planning for this to be in place by spring 2017.

Alongside this, we are hoping to help set up a community group – Friends of Harthill Reservoir - to promote the site, report faults, organise litter picks and raise funds for future development.

Anyone can join this. Please contact Carol Leigh for further information and to register interest.

Email Carol

Superfast South Yorkshire

There has been further progress by Superfast South Yorkshire in providing the infrastructure to give Harthill with Woodall a better broadband service. Many residents have now signed up with service providers and are enjoying internet speeds previously only dreamt about. Others are still less fortunate however and it will take time to get the whole Parish covered. We are hoping to feature specific information relating to Woodall in September’s issue of The Hart.

Work continues to roll this out further and you can keep up to date by visiting the Superfast South Yorkshire website.

We were recently visited by Martin Owens, Broadband Project Officer for our patch who took the attached photo of Parish Council Chairman Ian Lloyd and Clerk, Les Wheatley next to our latest newly installed cabinet (which was disguised as a large bear).


Broadband cabinet


Use the SFSY postcode checker

Visit the SFSY website

Fly-tipping At Woodall

Recent advice from RMBC Environmental Services is that any discovered fly tipping should be left undisturbed and reported immediately by email or phone to RMBC Environmental Health.

Should you come across any tipping, please report it promptly. There is no need to do this via the Parish Council.

Email RMBC Community Protection

Call RMBC Community Protection on 01709 823118

Dog fouling

There have been several reports of dog fouling on the Doctor Lane recreation area recently.

The RMBC dog warden has been alerted to this and will be visiting the area more frequently. Additional signage will also be displayed in the area.

If you witness any dog fouling in Harthill or Woodall you can report it in confidence to Streetpride.

Report dog fouling

Health Volunteer Ambassador Project

The team at Voluntary Action Rotherham are proud to support our NHS colleagues with a much broader menu of health messages which now includes information on Medicine Waste. We are very pleased to launch a refreshed and extended ‘menu of activities’ which includes: a FREE guest speaker if required, a FREE on-line training module which can be completed individually or as a group, a Right Care board game which groups can enjoy as part of a planned session, new web pages on the VAR website and new dates for FREE Health Training workshops which you are welcome to attend. If we’ve worked together before in terms of the Right Care message, please still get in touch as there’s lots of fresh content and new ways to link up that we can explore. Please circulate to anyone you think may be interested.

Read more about this

Medicine Waste

Concerned patients are reporting getting medicines that they do not require which has resulted in stockpiles. The safety risks and financial implications are significant. If this problem affects you or someone you care for, something can be done to stop the waste.

Email your telephone number to Rotherham CCG for a call back

Call the Medline on 01709 308999

Or complete a form at your GP or pharmacy

Take control of ordering your medicines. Talk to your practice about ordering prescriptions online.

Please mention Voluntary Action Rotherham and this article when you make contact. Thank you.

Read more about this

Traffic delays

The latest traffic delays report has been received from RMBC.

Download the report

See local roadworks

The Beehive – Asset of Community Value

The Beehive pub on Union Street has been listed by RMBC as an Asset of Community Value (ACV). This follows a successful application by CAMRA. The listing is valid for 5 years from July 2016.

Legislation was passed recently which allows local councils, in our case RMBC, to register pubs, shops, village halls etc. as an Asset of Community Value. For a location that is listed as an ACV, there are rules about how it can be sold.

If the owner of an ACV decides to sell the property, they must pause for six months. This time is to allow a community group to be formed who can seek to buy the ACV and run it for the benefit of the community. This reduces the risk that the ACV is sold and closed down before local people have had time to respond.

There is no suggestion that the Beehive is at risk of being sold. The ACV registration is just a precaution in case that should happen in future.

South Yorkshire Transport

We have been given updated contact details for SYPTE. These are:

Online with a MyTSY account

Online using the Tell Us What You Think form

Call Traveline on 01709 515151

Customer Liaison Team
South Yorkshire Passenger Transport Executive
11 Broad Street West
S1 2BQ

Walking Football at Kiveton Park

Kiveton Community Sports Park is trying to get a walking football group going – a great way to get fit and have fun at the same time. Ideal for over 50s but open to all.

Read more about this


The defibrillator and cabinet have now been installed on the outside of Harthill surgery and activated with Yorkshire Ambulance Service. The machine is now available for use. On calling 999 in a relevant emergency you should be asked if there is a defibrillator in the village – give the location (Surgery, Woodall Lane, Harthill) and you’ll be given the access code. Within the next month or so, any Harthill person calling from within a 600m radius of the defibrillator should be automatically told by 999 that there is a device in the village, and the code.

Watch a training video for our device

The defibrillator is designed for use alongside CPR techniques. This video is recommended by Yorkshire Ambulance Service:

For something more in depth then this Lifesaver “game” from the Resus Council is recommended:

Visit the Resuscitation Council website

Spens Field

There has been a burst sewer on the lower part of Spens Field. This has now been repaired by Severn Trent Water but there is still a fair amount of unpleasant debris on the surface and the affected area is fenced off. Severn Trent will undertake a clean up over the next few days but it is strongly recommended that people / pets should keep well away for the time being.

Rotherham Dementia Action Alliance

Rotherham Dementia Action Alliance (RDAA) has been established by members of our local community to improve the lives of people living with dementia and their carers.

It is one of many local Alliances being established across the country.

The membership of local Alliances is made up of local businesses, civic organisations, community groups, associations, faith groups, schools and colleges, residential homes, charities as well as health and social care providers anyone one and everyone – big and small all are important and have a role to play.

Read more about this


Rotherham Federation of Communities (RotherFed) has an exciting new small grant open to all Rotherham community and voluntary groups interested in helping improve the appearance of their estates and communities within Rotherham

Rotherham community and voluntary groups can apply for a small environment grant to help improve their communities and local environment. The types of project this grant could support include:

  • Environmental improvement schemes
  • Educational projects to enable people to take more pride in their environment
  • Adopting a street or pocket park
  • Litter picking, grubbing our weeds etc.

The maximum amount you can receive from this grant is £500

Download an application form

Village Sign

It is almost two years since the old Harthill village sign was removed because it had fallen into disrepair and had become a safety risk.

The new village sign, hand carved in English oak, is currently in progress and is almost complete.

It will be installed, in the same place on Union Street as the former sign, on Friday 23rd September.


There are two allotment plots available on Thorpe Road site and there is no waiting list. If interested, please contact the Clerk.

Contact the Clerk

Community Speedwatch

A couple of years ago, the Parish Council supported an anti-speeding initiative called Community Speedwatch which had been operating successfully in other parts of the country. At the time, South Yorkshire Police didn't wish to implement this but has since changed its mind and the scheme is now in operation in South Yorkshire.

Community Speedwatch is a locally driven initiative where active members of the community join together with the support of the Police to monitor speeds of vehicles using speed detection devices. Vehicles exceeding the speed limit are referred to the Police with the aim of educating drivers to reduce their speeds.

Volunteers are now being sought in Harthill to assist the Police with this activity. Please contact the Clerk if interested.

Contact the Clerk

Pedestrian Crossing

Earlier this year the Parish Council requested that RMBC investigate the possibility of installing a pedestrian crossing at the village school. This followed the loss of the lollipop man at the school and unsuccessful attempts to replace him.

A traffic and pedestrian survey has now been undertaken by RMBC and the results show that we fall significantly below the threshold for having a crossing installed. However, we are very hopeful that later this year we will get an LED type 20mph sign at the school which will be activated in the mornings and afternoons.

If you would like to see the full results of the traffic and pedestrian survey please contact the Clerk.

Contact the Clerk


There is no “official” news as yet but it would seem that further progress has been made on providing high speed broadband to Harthill. The source for this is the workmen who have recently installed a new box on Hard Lane and they were confident that it would be available in the very near future. We’re continuing to try to get official updates from BT but to no avail so far. If anyone is faring better with obtaining hard information we’d be grateful if you would let us know, particularly in relation to Woodall. We will give updates via the e-bulletin and website as we receive them.

Shireoaks Recycling Site

In the last e-bulletin we reported that the recycling site at Shireoaks, near the Lockkeeper pub, is now open only to people arriving in a vehicle with a registered address in Nottinghamshire.

An update to this is that the new policy will not be enforced until September of this year.

The nearest RMBC recycling site is at Magilla, Common Road, North Anston, S25 4AH. The opening hours, until 30 September 2016, are 10.00am - 6.30pm and closed on Tuesdays.

Visit the Nottinghamshire County Council website

Find an RMBC Household Waste Recycling Centre

School Pedestrian Crossing

In January of this year, the Parish Council asked RMBC if a pedestrian crossing could be considered at the village school. As has been publicised quite widely recently, there is currently no crossing attendant working at the school on mornings or afternoons.

RMBC has agreed to start this process and the first step is a survey of traffic and pedestrians at school start and finish times. They have said that we can choose the day on which the survey is carried out. Is there a day in the week which is particularly busy? Please let us know.

Reports elsewhere which say that the Parish Council has responsibility for school crossings are incorrect.

Contact the Clerk

Anyone For Rounders?

We have been approached by an organisation called Rounders England, via Active Rotherham, who are seeking to promote the sport of Rounders in Harthill.

This would be a family version of the sport, played on Spens Field in the spring and summer and possibly indoors during the rest of the year.

Events are planned for this year but we are just trying to gauge interest for the time being. If you are interested just send a short e-mail stating your interest and we’ll get back to you soon.

Watch out for a post by Jodie Bridger of South Yorkshire Sport who will be putting more details on the village Facebook page shortly. We’ll put more info in the next e-bulletin and on the Parish Council website as soon as we have it.

Contact the Clerk

Rotherham South Local Policing Team

Do you drop your children off at a Rotherham school in a morning? Recent changes have taken place regarding the parking of vehicles outside schools.

Read more about this

Exercise classes in Harthill

A message from Nick Hodgson

Hi. My name’s Nick and I’m a specialist fitness instructor/personal trainer, interested to see if the community of Harthill would be interested in participating in an exercise class based at local facilities. I can provide a wide number of different types of class so I would be happy to provide whatever was requested by participants if enough interest was shown.

Classes available:

  • Boxing for Fitness/MMA training
  • Circuit training (low impact or high impact)
  • Boot-camp/Outdoor training
  • Pilates
  • Tone and burn (weight loss)
  • Core stability/Stretching
  • Sports specific classes

If interested, please contact me by email, phone or messaging me through my Facebook page.

Like Nick on Facebook

Email Nick

Call Nick on 07814 848580

Visit Nick's website

Exercise class at Harthill Village Hall

There is a more gentle type of exercise already running each Wednesday, 10am to 11.30am at the Village Hall. Exercise 10am to 11am and then tea/coffee and a chat at the end.

Suitable for:

  • All ages and abilities
  • Older adults
  • COPD
  • Cardiac/Asthma
  • Arthritis
  • High Blood Pressure

The class is not aerobics. It is exercise stations and a sheet that you record your exercises on and you exercise at your own pace and level. Bring a friend and come along and have fun.

Cost £17 per month (this includes 4 free weeks a year as you pay the same for a 5 week month). First session free.

Limited places - to book just text, call or email Lesley.

Email Lesley

Call Lesley on 07977 621738